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Info on the DC Alert System (PCSO Fuller)

DC Alert is a messaging system that we have recently brought out which helps us to keep in contact with members of the local community.

All that people need to do is to go on to the DC Alert website and sign up for the service. Once signed up members will get messages from the Police regarding issues that are relevant to where they live and any interests that they have such as Boat Watch/ Neighbourhood Watch or if they are a business owner.

We also use the DC Alert system to make the public aware of missing people that we are looking for and to help Identify suspects of crimes.

Users can also use the DC Alert service to message the Police, so if an Officer was to send out a message on DC Alert members of the public could then get in touch with the same officer and pass them any information or ask any questions that they may have regarding something that has been distributed through DC Alert.

DC Alert website

5th February 2018