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Budock Parish Council

Parish Councillors

Chair Mr Phil Hart
7 Treveryn Parc
Budock Water
TR11 5EH
Tel: 01326 374451

Vice Chair Mr John Bastin
Eglos Cott
Budock Water
TR11 5BZ
Tel: 01326 373883

Councillor Mr Matthew Brierley
Trewen Road
Budock Water
TR11 5EA
Tel: 01326 354629

Councillor Mr Philip Burnett
Lamanver Farm
TR10 9BJ
Tel: 07812030212

Councillor Miss Katherine George
48 Watersmead Parc
Budock Water
TR11 5EL
Tel: 07727675477

Councillor Mr Peter Grounds
Roscarrack Road
Budock Water
TR11 5BL
Tel: 01326 314725

Councillor Mr Nigel Hennell
TR10 9BN
Tel: 01326 340341

Councillor Mr John Palmer
Roscarrack Cottage
Roscarrack Road
Budock Water
TR11 5BL
Tel: 01326 316981

Councillor Mr Toby Spear
6, Nangitha Close
Budock Water
TR11 5DX
Tel: 07834764083

Parish Clerk Tracy Hladkij
Tel: 07943193329

View Councillors' Registers of Interest on Cornwall Council Website

Mr David Saunby
Cornwall Councillor Divisional Member
20, Trevithick Road, Falmouth,  TR11 2JP
Tel: 01326 315285