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Budock Parish Council

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Information from Budock Parish Council

Working within guidelines from HM Government, we hope you will find the suggestions below helpful at this very difficult time:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap, rinse and dry well.
  • Catch any coughs or sneezes in a tissue, and dispose of the tissue safely.
  • Be prepared to self-isolate if you experience any symptoms of infection e.g. high temperature, constant coughing and shortness of breath.
  • If you experience any of these symptoms, do not go to your G.P. surgery. Isolate yourself and ring NHS on 111; they will give you details of what needs to be done.
  • Plan ahead based on your situation. Having a daily plan of possible activities can be helpful, and should prevent any unforeseen emergencies e.g. running out of prescribed medication or essential items of food.
There is plenty of information online, but please be aware that the Internet can also be a source of “fake news”. Seek tried and trusted sites e.g. N.H.S., GovUK, BBC,  and don’t rely on information passed around on social media.

If you live within Budock parish, and feel you need urgent help, please place an item of red (cardboard, clothing, etc.) in your window or on your front door. Do not let anyone into your home, but speak to a caller through a half-open window.

Please follow government guidance to take only essential journeys, going outside only to walk your dog or take exercise once a day, and always maintaining social distancing of 2 metres.

By restricting our lives now, we can all do our part to protect ourselves, our friends and loved ones and the N.H.S. and hopefully look forward to a brighter future together.

Budock Parish Council will update information on the noticeboard as appropriate. Please check regularly.

15th April 2020