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Budock Parish Council

The Community Governance Review

Defend Budock Parish

A Community Governance Review is being undertaken by Cornwall County Council. During this process, Falmouth has taken this as an opportunity to apply to seize from Budock Parish large swathes of our adjoining land. The consequences of these changes would be both financial and will erode our rural status.

It is vitally important that you understand the implications, as the views of the public will be the most important aspect in resisting Falmouth’s objectives.

The review panel are duty bound to read all responses and take those into account as part of the process.

Public Meeting 14th October Report

On the evening of Monday 14th October, a packed public meeting was held in the village hall to explain the Community Governance Review.

This gave the residents of Budock Parish a chance to question the Parish Council about the implications of the review, the aim of which is to adjust or, in some areas, completely redraw the parish boundaries along clearly identifiable lines such as roads, streams, etc. Residents were shocked and angered at Falmouth’s proposals, described as a “land grab”. Many objections were voiced, including :-

  • Concerns about the potential loss of the green buffer.
  • The damage to the rural identity of the parish.
  • Urban sprawl and its consequences.
  • There were gasps of dismay at the potential loss of the church.
  • For those who would be moved into Falmouth as a result of these boundary changes being accepted, the financial implications may result in a potential large rise in their precept. When examples of these increases were outlined, this once again resulted in an angry response from the audience.
  • No benefit could be sustained in support of Falmouth’s proposals.

The emphasis was clearly about retaining the green buffer, which reflects the results of a recent mailshot and has been a major factor when finalising the Neighbourhood Development Plan. The parish wishes to remain a separate and rural entity, and Falmouth’s stated reasons for their proposals are purely financial, which totally goes against the principles of the C.G.R.

The parish council spoke about the need for residents to both contact the C.G.R. panel directly, and to support a public petition which is available in the “Trelowarren Arms” and Budock Village Stores. A march to protest against these proposed changes was also suggested. Public apathy would lead to the worst result, so time and again the Council made the point that the voices of parishioners need to be heard by the governance panel whatever their view.

Contact the parish clerk or your councillors.

Send your views to

21st October 2019